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How Important Are Temporary HGV Drivers Over The Festive Period?

Christmas is undoubtedly the busiest time of year for businesses, as customers race to buy up gifts, food, decorations, experiences and more for the holiday period. As a result of holiday demand, combined with a preference for home-based deliveries as we move into winter, temporary driving jobs spike. If businesses can secure enough temporary HGV drivers over Christmas, the hectic festive time stands a better chance of operating smoothly!

How To Get The Best From Temporary HGV Drivers

There's no doubt that temporary drivers are key to meeting customer demand, but it's vital that you treat your new hires in the same way that you would any permanent employee. Successful temporary driver recruitment means prioritising the wellbeing of your drivers, such as:

  • Ensuring that all drivers, existing and temporary, are given the same benefits and treatment.
  • Offering extra breaks and flexible rotas where possible to recognise the stress of the season.
  • Going the extra mile with drinks, snacks, and thoughtful extras to show that your drivers are appreciated.
  • Offer training in key areas such as accident prevention, health, and wellbeing on the road, first aid and so forth.
  • Treat your drivers well; check in with them, find out about them; show an interest and foster a sense of team. Your temporary truck HGV drivers could become permanent ones if they enjoy the experience with your company.
  • Recognise work well done and offer verbal thanks, as well as a bonus such as additional credit for motorway services.
  • Make sure workloads and schedules are realistic.
  • Maintain your fleet and act on any feedback or concerns your drivers flag up. Utilisation and productive driving time are dependent on a quality, serviced fleet that can remain on the road.

The Benefits Of Attracting Temporary Drivers

Fill those temporary driving jobs and you'll instantly have the means to meet your customer demand this holiday season. But above this, you also have a ready pool of candidates to convert into permanent hires - if you feel they are a good fit for your company.

Many companies view temporary assignments as a possible route into full-time positions; giving the business and driver both a chance to see if the arrangement will work for their needs.

Even better, if you don't have an in-house recruitment team, a specialist temporary driver recruitment agency such as Route4 Driver Recruitment can help. We're the experts in temporary HGV driver recruitment and we match experienced drivers with a wide range of temporary driving jobs across the UK.

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