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What Is The Best Choice? Temporary Vs Contract HGV Driver Jobs?

If you are currently seeking work as an HGV driver, you may be wondering what your options are - including whether you will opt for temporary or contract work. Each type of role has its benefits and drawbacks, and here we examine what each type of work entails, and how Route4 Driver Recruitment could help you.

What are temporary HGV driving jobs?

A temporary HGV driving position means that the driving job will only be short-term - for example as a one-off, or over a week. It is also suitable for those seeking seasonal positions or if you have other commitments that you need to be available for. If you don’t want to be tied down to a single position yet, this might be a good alternative to permanent HGV driving jobs.

The benefits of temporary driving jobs

As well as being a good starting point for an HGV driving career, there are other notable benefits to taking on temporary jobs. You can work for a variety of different companies and find one that suits you, and you can also enjoy a more flexible work rota. Not only that but one of the leading reasons that drivers move on from their roles is a poor work-life balance, which can be offset by temporary roles as you have increased control over your hours and schedule.

What are contract HGV driver jobs?

Contracted HGV jobs are different from temporary jobs, though they are not permanent. You will sign a contract with a single company and work for an agreed amount of time. This will usually be six to twelve months to cover a busy period or an employee absence, but may also be a way for companies to test employees before providing the opportunity to take on a permanent role. However, at the end of a contract, the contract can be rewritten on a rolling basis - or you can leave the role at the end of the original contract.

The benefits of contract driving jobs

Although you can only leave a contracted role at the end of the contract, there are some perks to contracted positions. The pay can be up to three times higher for contract work due to the required flexibility of the position. Like with temporary roles, you will have the chance to try out many different roles, deciding what is the best fit.

Both temporary and contract driving jobs are great options, and the kind of work you choose will need to align with your personal life and needs. If you require a lot of personal flexibility, then temporary work can be best, whereas those who have a family and rent or mortgage to consider may prioritise a steady income.

Whatever kind of role you are looking for, Route 4 Driver Recruitment can help you find a range of positions as an HGV driver. Get in touch with us to find out more about how our agency can support you in making a decision on the best role for you.

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